About Us

DENA INVEST is the real estate crowdlending platform. The unique selling point of DENA INVEST is the exclusive destination for investing in real estate- the Balkans. The Balkan countries (Kosovo, Albania, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania) have a vibrant real estate scene with rapid economic development.

What is Real Estate Crowdlending?

DENA INVEST is the PropTech company allowing people from all over Europe to invest in property as little as 50 Eur. This is possible thanks to cutting edge technology that facilitates the collection and administration of funds from large number of investors. Investing in property doesn’t require large capital anymore, thanks to crowdlending small amounts from various investors are collected for real estate construction. Crowdlending is a modern way to invest and finance the businesses that require funding. While crowdlending is not a new phenomenon, the crowdlending in the Balkans is still an untapped opportunity.

Why Balkans?

After several decades of stagnation, all Balkan countries are finally experiencing growth thanks to EU- friendly policies. Slovenia has been a member of the EU since 2004, Bulgaria and Romania have accessed the union in 2007, and Croatia in 2013. Stabilization and Association Agreement Kosovo has signed with European Union in 2016. In the current expansion plan of the EU Kosovo is expected to join the Union in 2025 along with other five Balkan States.

Rapid urbanization is one of the driving forces for increasing demand for real estate in the capital cities of the Balkan States. Besides, large Balkan diaspora living in many European countries prefer to buy their second home in their original counties, also contributing to the strong demand.


DENA INVEST is the team of professionals who have worked in various business areas in Kosovo and abroad, who know the local market inside-out. We are your trusted partners in the promising and exotic real estate market.

Mission: To facilitate growth in the Balkan real estate market, by bringing premium yield to European investor

Vision: Eliminating the development gap between the Balkans and the EU

Values: Transparency is the core value of DENA INVEST. We take our due diligence procedures very seriously and tell investors as much details as possible about the projects, borrowers, and local market.

Meet our team members

Mentor Kazazi
Mentor Kazazi

Arber Blakcori
Arbër Blakçori
Co-founder - CEO

Nazmi Gervalla
Nazmi Gervalla
Chief Financial Officer
Noli Mati
Noli Mati
Product Owner