Risk Statement




Hereby we want to note that DENARIUS INVEST LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as – “DENARIUS INVEST”) does not provide any investment advice or investment recommendations.

Investing in Real Estate projects is a higher risk/higher return investment strategy and carries significant risks including illiquidity, loss of capital and many other.

DENARIUS INVEST wants to be sure that its Users understand the risks involved when using its Platforms services.

Most of our materials include a warning, such as: Investing involves serious risks, including partial or complete loss of capital. Please assess the possible risks before entering the Loan Agreement!

It is important to know that while using the Platform’s services your investment is not in any way comparable to a deposit and is not covered by any deposit and investment insurance instrument or compensation scheme. That means - crowdlending is not covered by the insurance coverage provided by the laws on insurance of deposits and liabilities to investors of the European Union member states.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will get back your investment either as a whole or in part. There is a possibility to lose all of your funds invested through the Platform.

Each Loan Agreement on the Platform is entered into between the User as a Lender and the Project Originator as a Borrower and DENARIUS INVEST acts as an intermediary only on behalf of the Users/Lenders in relation to the relevant Loan Agreement.

DENARIUS INVEST tries to improve its services and to do its best to ensure repayment of Loans granted through the Platform. At the moment DENARIUS INVEST is on a way of starting cooperation with independent company - a Security Agent of each the Platform’s User, who will administerall the Loan Agreements entered into on the Platform, as well be a Nominee Lender who holds collaterals under Loan Agreements concuded on the Platform acting in the interests of the Platform's Users/Lenders.

While there is a number of risks associated with investing, the largest risk to you is losing your investment if the Borrower is unable to make its Loan repayments.

Below you can find all about possible risks connected with investing in Real Estate on our Platform:


  1. Loss of Capital.

Your capital is at risk and you may not receive back all (or any) of your investment. You should not invest more money in to Real Estate on our Platform than you can afford to lose without altering your standard of living. DENARIUS INVEST cannot guarantee that you will get your capital back or receive your interest. 


  1. Unprotected Investments.

As is stated above, it is important to know that your investment is not in any way comparable to a deposit and is not covered by any deposit and investment insurance instrument or compensation scheme.


  1. Portfolio risk/Diversification. 

Any Loan granted by you on the Platform should only be made as a part of a diversified investment portfolio. Investing small amounts in multiple Projects will help you to spread your risk.


  1. Property market hesitation. 

The Real Estate market is cyclical and values may go up or down depending on a range of circumstances, including political, economic, social etc. Historical performance of the Real Estate market or specific property cannot be deemed as a reliable guide for future performance. A future downturn in the Real Estate market could seriously affect the Borrower's ability to repay the Loan granted by you on the Platform.


  1. Illiquidity. 

Loans granted through the Platform are deemed as investments. Your investments will be illiquid, meaning that once your funds were granted in accordance with the Loan Agreement, you will not get your money back until the end of the relevant Loan maturity date. There is also no guarantee that you will get your money back upon maturity date of relevant Loan Agreement in the event that the Borrower defaults and is unable to repay.


  1. Taxation.

Tax obligations may apply to you as a result of any interest received on Loans Agreements entered into on the Platform. Whether and how any relevant tax obligation applies depends on your place of tax residence. Please consult a qualified tax advisor regarding your individual tax position, which depends on your personal circumstances and may change in the future.


DENARIUS INVEST continues to work on improving its services and will inform you on any changes as they become effective.