Prishtina Center Road A Land - STAGE 1

Prishtinë, Kosovo
Quick Overview
€256 000.00
2.89% filled, 4 Investors€248 600.00 left
96 Days
256 000.00€
100 000.00€
12 Months
Apartment (Residential)
Development loan

Object overview

Land parcel with Cadastral number P-71914050-01101-1 at Cadastral Zone Matican with size 1154 m2 it is part of Municipal Urban Plan “NEW Prishtina – CENTER” of Prishtina Municipality and next to this land parcel it will  be build road “Rruga A”, which will be one of the most important roads of Prishtina development in next two years because it will connect today’s Main roads -  entrance on Prishtina (Capital city of Kosovo) from Southern part with Eastern part which will be New Prishtina – CENTER and NEW Prishtina – Eastern part.


The New Prishtina is planted Area for City development where will be relocated the whole Kosovo Government Institutions with supported bodies. Right now one government institution already relocated to this New Prishtina – Center Area the Jurisdiction Institutions of Republic of Kosovo will the Courts of all levels. On top of that, there is ongoing construction of many other government buildings.


According to Kosovo development plans, it will be area where a lot of new apartments, retail centers and office building will be built. With construction of road “Rruga A”, the value of the land parcel will increase as it happened with similar cases like “Rruga B” and “Rruga C”, which were completed 2-4 years ago and in these cases value of the land increased by least 700-800%!


The Land Parcel on Urban Plan  “NEW Prishtina – CENTER”  it  is on plan area “F” where it is planned to build high rise buildings. In this case, for land area of 1154 m2 it is allowed to build 2539 m2 of living area above the ground on 8 storeys and also underground parking area. 


Price of the Land Parcel with number 01101-1 is 256.000 EUR.

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