Arberia Neigborhood - STAGE 1

Prishtinë, Kosovo
Quick Overview
€600 000.00
0.82% filled, 11 Investors€595 068.00 left
84 Days
600 000.00€
300 000.00€
12 Months
Apartment (Residential)
Development loan
Sale advance

Object overview

Category - Development loan

Total yield - 14% (+1% cashback on all investments above 5000 EUR)

Payment frequency - Monthly interest payments

Duration - 12 months

Country - Kosovo


The projected neighborhood will consist of:

•Total area - 9.656,95 m2

•The number of houses - 40

•The total area of parcels - 19.532,60 m2


An attractive investment opportunity to participate in the real-estate development project in Kosovo, Prishtina, conducted by the experienced local developer.

The yield of the property is 14%, but a +1% cash back on the total invested amount will apply to investments above 5,000 EUR. 


About the project

Arberia neighbourhood lays in the west-northern side of Pristina, the capital of the Republic of Kosovo. The neighbourhood is characterized by a hilly landscape and a convenient topographic position that faces the city panorama and other natural attributes that add environmental value to the city of Pristina.


This complex is perfectly placed with a considerable distance from the loud city noise, while still providing quick access to the city centre. Also, the residents may as well benefit from the shortcuts to access the highways when travelling outside of the city, without having to struggle through the city traffic. This residential area provides the benefits of both suburban and urban lifestyles.


The conceptual plan for this neighbourhood is entirely in coordination with the urban development city plan. It contains 40 private residential houses. The new residential complex has as a main goal: to offer its residents living comfort, a safe and healthy lifestyle.




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